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MV.C NIR (900-1700nm) Hyperspectral Imager

Headwall’s Hyperspec® MV.C NIR brings reliable and intuitive operation to industrial inspection and detection. The MV.C NIR can be directly controlled using perClass Mira®, a powerful yet easy to use software package that dramatically simplifies interpretation of hyperspectral images collected. Spectral classification models can be applied in real time, enabling fast and accurate inspection and detection along processing lines of all kinds.

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  • Fast, rugged hyperspectral NIR sensor for industrial use
  • NIR wavelength range (900 to 1700 nm)
  • IP-54 rated
  • Compatible with perClass Mira®
  • Integration with industrial control systems

Ideal for:

Available Options:

  • perClass Mira developer kit or runtime engine
  • 25mm f/2.5, 50mm f/1.4, of 85mm f/2.5 lenses
  • Part Number 1007A-30430 is the MV.SCAN MV.C NIR Package that comes with perClass Mira Software License and the perClass Mira Stage and spectrometer mount


NIR for advanced machine vision applications

The MV.C NIR™ is designed for challenging industrial environments and features a 900 to 1700nm wavelength range.

Benefits of NIR Range

Numerous applications benefit from hyperspectral imaging in the NIR wavelength range, including inspection and grading of beef and pork, chemicals, polymers, processed foodstuffs, as well as measurement of moisture in a variety of material.

Hyperspectral Classification to Action

The MV.C NIR can be directly controlled by the powerful perClass Mira® software for hyperspectral image acquisition, training for spectral classification, and deployment for real-time image interpretation so that actions such as sorting or rejection can be performed along the production/processing line.

Hyperspectral classification models can be created using an offline scanning system for testing small batches of products or raw materials. When ready, the model can be uploaded to a host computer or even an edge-computing appliance with onboard processing. As material passes underneath the MV.C NIR, a hyperspectral dataset is acquired and the classification model applied. A processed false-color image or even simply coordinates are generated and sent to robots down the line to take action in real-time. Actions can include product sorting, rejection of unwanted debris or material, or even the treatment of the product. All of this based on rapid, accurate information obtained by the hyperspectral imaging system and data processing and analysis by spectrally savvy software.

Robust Systems for Hyperspectral Advanced Machine Vision Applications

Developed originally for remote sensing applications involving aircraft and satellite imagery, hyperspectral sensors – and sensors in general – deployed in a factory/processing environment need to be robust and reliable, as well as intuitive to operate. Headwall sensors for advanced machine vision are designed from the start to fulfill these requirements. Headwall’s experience implementing efficient and streamlined workflows for applications such as food safety and grading, and even screening of incoming raw material can help improve your process, yielding a high return on your investment. Our products offer a broad selection of wavelength ranges and capabilities.


Part Number Product Name Minimum Working Distance
1004A-21576 8mm, f/1.8, Hyper-APO, 400-1700nm, C-mount 100mm
1004A-21577 12mm, f/1.8, Hyper-APO, 400-1700nm, C-mount 100mm
1004A-21578 16mm, f/1.8, Hyper-APO, 400-1700nm, C-mount 100mm
1004A-21579 25mm, f/1.8, Hyper-APO, 400-1700nm, C-mount 100mm
1004A-91430 100mm, f/2.25, 900 – 1700nm, C-mount 200mmwith ext tube
1004A-21536 25mm Telecentric, 900-2500nm, f/2.5 250mm

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