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Hyperspectral Imaging Applications in Precision Agriculture

Spot Crop Stress

Precision agriculture applications benefit from hyperspectral imaging‘s inherent advantages of remote, non-contact imaging and ability to cover large areas quickly. Headwall hyperspectral imaging systems can be placed on drones, suspended from gantries in greenhouses, or used as part of standalone or benchtop scanners.

Our hyperspectral imaging systems excel at tasks such as plant phenotyping, where conventional color and multispectral systems fall short. See the Food Quality and Safety application area where Headwall systems accurately determine characteristics of fruit such as sweetness via non-contact Brix estimation.

Contact us to learn more about our off-the-shelf solutions, as well as how our technology can scale upwards to be deployed over larger areas and to inspect test plots or commercial crops.

Case studies

The Headwall Nano HP Hyperspectral Imager ready to scan hops plants in front of it

Studying Hops Growth with Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging

Hops are a perennial crop. Only the female hops plants grow the cones used for brewing beer. Production takes place in hops yards, and plants can grow up to seven meters in 70 days. It’s one of the fastest growing land plants. However, it is prone to pests and diseases which can be studied using hyperspectral remote sensing.

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