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Hyperspec III and SpectralView

Remote Sensing: Hyperspectral Imaging Acquisition and Analysis

Headwall offers software to control hyperspectral image acquisition, ensure proper geolocation for remote sensing applications, as well as to perform spectral classification and automate key functions when processing very large datasets.


Hyperspec III Software

  • Primarily operates Headwall hyperspectral imaging sensors for remote sensing
  • Lab and field operations use
  • Live waterfall display
  • Generate data cubes
  • GPS data integration and flight planning


SpectralView Software

  • Motion control of Headwall Large Scanning Kit
  • View and analyze data cubes
  • Orthorectification and Orthomosaicking
  • Spectral classification
  • Batch conversion to reflectance using BPT app


See perClass Mira for hyperspectral machine vision or general research applications.

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