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Large Scanning Stage

Our hyperspectral systems use our own line-scanning hyperspectral sensors (sometimes called pushbroom sensors) that collect reflected light through an image slit. One row of spatial pixels is collected per frame as the sensor or subject moves, with each pixel containing full spectral data. Motion happens as a consequence of the platform (e.g., rotary or linear stage, UAV, aircraft, or satellite) or the subject (e.g., food inspection line or conveyor belt).

The Headwall Large Scanning Stage supports objects as heavy as 300 lbs (136 kg). The Headwall sensor system is securely mounted above the computer-controlled linear stage with two sizes of broadband lighting available.

Compatible sensors include:

Headwall strongly encourages the purchase of one of our MV.PC acquisition and processing computers.

We will configure and test the full system with your stage, your lens, and your computer with software to ensure success right out of the box.

We include one day of training at our facility or online (scheduled twice monthly). Additional custom training is also available.

To request a quote or a demo please select the product features you are interested in. 

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For more information download the product data sheets: