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perClass Mira Software

Machine Vision: Intuitive Spectral Imaging Acquisition and Analysis for Industry and Research

Headwall Group company perClass offers the easiest user interface for spectral imaging with deployment for real-time operation: perClass Mira. Modern hyperspectral sensors can generate gigabytes of data because they have higher resolution than ever. Capture and interpretation of this data, often with hundreds of discrete wavelengths, can be extremely time-consuming with complicated programming and specialized knowledge required.

perClass Mira enables domain experts who know about their fields such as fruits, meat, plastics, coatings, cheese, or chocolate to create and deploy automatic interpretation solutions without programming expertise.


  • Intuitive and automatic model building
  • Direct control of Headwall hyperspectral sensors
  • Direct control of the perClass Mira Scanning Stage
  • Batch export of data extracted per scan or per object
  • Application of models in real-time with supported imagers


  • Part Number 1008A-00119, Developer Permanent License
  • Part Number 1008A-00120, Developer 30-Day License
  • Part Number 1008A-00121, Developer Annual License
  • Part Number 1008A-00114, Runtime Permanent License

Data Formats:

  • Generic format support for ENVI, Matlab .mat, TIFF
  • Presets for common file types from spectral imaging systems by Headwall and others

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or 11 Pro, 64-bit
  • Runtime DLL: MS Windows 10 or 11 or Linux, 64-bit (NVIDIA Jetson)
  • Optional NVIDIA GPU with CUDA10 and later or OpenCL


See Headwall Hyperspec III and SpectralView for hyperspectral remote sensing applications.

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For more information download the product data sheets: