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Micro-Hyperspec VNIR (400-1000nm) E-Series Imager

Our Micro-Hyperspec® VNIR-E series sensors are meant for manned aircraft, field, or lab use. The VNIR-E sensor is CE certified and features outstanding spectral and spatial resolution and speed.


Available Options:

  • Part Number 1007A-10555 is the MV.SCAN VNIR-E Package that comes with perClass Mira Software License and the perClass Mira Stage and spectrometer mount

Sensitivity for your Lab or Factory VNIR Application

Headwall’s Micro-Hyperspec® VNIR-E Series sensor (VNIR-E) offers high performance as well as flexibility for numerous applications. The new USB interface allows a greater variety of host computers to be utilized. Aberration-corrected spectrograph design and factory-made holographic diffraction gratings allow you to capture the highest quality hyperspectral imaging data.

For Use in the Lab

The Headwall VNIR-E can be mounted to the perClass Mira Scanning Stage for fast, intuitive hyperspectral benchtop scanning.

For Use in your OEM Instrumentation

The Headwall VNIR-E is available in volume for use inside scientific or industrial instrumentation. For a more compact package that operates at significantly higher frame rates, albeit with lower spectral and spatial resolution, consider the MV.C VNIR. Headwall has a long history of supplying to the top brands of commercial systems and solutions in metrology, biomedical, color measurement, and other markets.


Part Number Product Name Minimum Working Distance
1004A-21576 8mm, f/1.8, Hyper-APO, 400-1700nm, C-mount 100mm
1004A-21577 12mm, f/1.8, Hyper-APO, 400-1700nm, C-mount 100mm
1004A-21578 16mm, f/1.8, Hyper-APO, 400-1700nm, C-mount 100mm
1004A-21579 25mm, f/1.8, Hyper-APO, 400-1700nm, C-mount 100mm
1004A-21569 16mm f/2.8, APO 400-800nm (1000nm), C-mount 150mm
1004A-21566 24mm f/2.0, APO 400-800nm (1000nm), C-mount 111mm

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