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MV.C VNIR (400-1000nm) Hyperspectral Imager

This truly compact yet powerful VNIR hyperspectral imaging sensor is compatible with the perClass Mira Software and Scanning Stage. The MV.C VNIR can be used as part of our Headwall research and machine vision benchtop and online scanning packages, as well as a rugged and reliable OEM component in your own instrumentation.


  • Compact hyperspectral sensor for push-broom scanning
  • 342 spectral bands, 1024 spatial pixels
  • USB 3.1 connectivity
  • Compatible with perClass Mira® Software and Scanning Stage
  • SDK for OEM integration with National Instruments™ LabVIEW and for Python applications

The Ideal Package for OEM Systems

Headwall’s original Nano-Hyperspec® and Hyperspec® MV took the hyperspectral imaging community by storm, becoming the best-selling systems of their kind. The MV.C VNIR™ sensor features higher spatial resolution and more spectral bands for customers who need an exceptionally small and light form factor for OEM instrumentation or for deployment in challenging environments where space is at a premium.

USB 3.1 interface provides power and fast transfer to your integrated data system. Standard C-mount allows a selection of lenses appropriate to your application. The MV.C VNIR is compatible with perClass Mira® spectral acquisition and analysis software and compact benchtop scanning kit.

Available Options:

  • perClass Mira developer kit or runtime engine
  • 12mm f/1.8, 16mm f/1.8, of 24mm f/2.0 lenses
  • Part Number 1007A-30420 is the MV.SCAN MV.C VNIR Package that comes with perClass Mira Software License and the perClass Mira Stage and spectrometer mount
Part Number Product Name Minimum Working Distance
1004A-21576 8mm, f/1.8, Hyper-APO, 400-1700nm, C-mount 100mm
1004A-21577 12mm, f/1.8, Hyper-APO, 400-1700nm, C-mount 100mm
1004A-21578 16mm, f/1.8, Hyper-APO, 400-1700nm, C-mount 100mm
1004A-21579 25mm, f/1.8, Hyper-APO, 400-1700nm, C-mount 100mm
1004A-21569 16mm f/2.8, APO 400-800nm (1000nm), C-mount 150mm
1004A-21566 24mm f/2.0, APO 400-800nm (1000nm), C-mount 111mm

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For more information download the product data sheets: