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Exploring the potential of airborne hyperspectral image for estimating topsoil organic carbon

Estimating soil organic carbon (SOC) in topsoil can help improve soil quality and food production. This study aimed to explore the potential of airborne hyperspectral image to estimate the SOC of bare topsoil at an agricultural site located in the southeast part of Iowa State, United States. To magnify the subtle spectral signals concerning SOC, and accelerate calibration and improve predictive ability, we developed a framework to combine two advanced spectral algorithms, namely, fractional-order derivative (FOD) and optimal band combination algorithm for SOC predicting. Our case was based on 49 soil samples and a scattered airborne hyperspectral image.

Random forest (RF) was utilized to establish SOC estimation models by incorporating the optimal spectral indices processed by different FOD transformations on the basis of the optimal band combination algorithm. Results indicated that when the fractional order increased, overlapping peaks and baseline drifts were gradually removed. However, the magnitude of spectral strength decreased concurrently. More detailed and abundant spectral variability was captured by FOD as compared with those by original reflectance and first and second derivatives. The estimation accuracies developed from the optimal band combination algorithm (cross-validation R2, 0.36–0.66) were generally better than those from full-spectrum data (cross-validation R2, 0.32–0.54).

The RF model based on the combination of 0.75-order reflectance and optimal band combination algorithm obtained the highest estimation accuracy for SOC with cross-validation R2 of 0.66. This research provides guidance for future studies in selecting the most appropriate FOD transformation to preprocess spectral data and in using the optimal band combination algorithm to determine the spectral index. Airborne hyperspectral image-based modeling can be further used to map agricultural topsoil SOC to support local-scale agricultural planning.


Yongsheng Hong, Long Guo, Songchao Chen, Marc Linderman, Abdul M. Mouazen, Lei Yu, Yiyun Chen, Yaolin Liu, Yanfang Liu, Hang Cheng, Yi Liu

Published in:

Geoderma Volume 365, 15 April 2020, 114228


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