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Textiles identified and classified using hyperspectral imaging - false-color and RGB Color images animated GIF

Webinar on Textile Sorting using Intuitive Hyperspectral Scanning

Thursday, February 15, 2024, 9am EST

Come to a FREE Webinar on identifying textiles destined for recycling using the MV.C NIR Hyperspectral Sensor and perClass Mira Software. This is a hot topic, especially in Europe where the European Commission is proposing mandatory textile-recycling responsibilities in all EU Member States. Previous rules have been successful in improving the management of waste from products such as batteries and electronic equipment.

The first step in a successful recycling initiative is sorting material. However, traditional sorting methods (such as an air classifier) are prone to errors with fabrics that have similar densities and air resistances. Chemical sorting offers high accuracy, but requires destruction of the current materials, and is unavailable for some fabrics (such as wool).1

Many fabric varieties have similar chemical and physical properties, which is why mechanical sorters and imagers struggle to differentiate between them. This can be also be seen in the spectral patterns of the different fabrics collected in the Near Infrared Range (900 nm to 1700 nm). Headwall’s MV.C NIR and the perClass Mira Software provide a real-time solution for rapid identification and sorting.

Panelists are Will Rock, Ph.D, Product Manager, Machine Vision; George Killian, Applications Scientist; and Mikhael Jobran, Sales Manager, US Machine Vision. There will be a live introduction, application presentation, and Q&A.

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Feb 15 2024


9:00 am - 10:00 am

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