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Hyperspectral Imaging Systems & Spectroscopy Components for Fast, Actionable Results

Discover how our products empower researchers, manufacturers & processors, and instrument makers to solve problems, and accelerate progress. 

Illustation of hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectral imaging systems & spectroscopy components for fast, actionable results

Discover how our products empower researchers, engineers, and instrument makers to solve problems, and accelerate progress. 

Illustation of hyperspectral Imaging

Find the Right Product for Your Needs

Headwall hyperspectral imaging sensors, systems, and turnkey packages can be found in the field, on UAVs & manned aircraft, and even in space! 

Headwall’s new MV-series of hyperspectral sensors, imaging systems, and scanning packages are compact, rugged, and capable of real-time operation.

Headwall’s OEM diffraction gratings, spectrographs, and spectrometers maximize performance for detection & analysis in your instrument.

Find Solutions for Any Industry

Headwall offers airborne systems, benchtop laboratory systems, machine vision systems, and OEM optical components and assemblies for a variety of applications.

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Learn About Hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectral Imaging Explained

Hyperspectral imaging is a technique that acquires and analyzes a portion of the spectrum of light (often a broader portion than our human eyes can see) in very fine detail instead of simply assigning light into a small number of bins at each pixel. This enables detection of otherwise visually indistinguishable substances because the unique spectral “signature” of a individual object can be detected and separated from the rest of the image.

Humans see color as combinations of red, green, and blue in a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The addition of bands represent a multispectral example, where more than three areas of the spectrum are captured and analyzed. The cells in our retinae are sensitive to three colors: red, green, and blue. And combinations of these three colors allow us to see subtle shades of orange, purple, turquoise, and more. However, we cannot distinguish the difference between, say, a pure yellow color and a mixture of red and green colors. Hyperspectral imaging can.

What is hyperpectral Imaging illustration