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NASA Operation IceBridge 2018

Ice surface elevation data over ice sheets, glaciers, and sea ice to bridge the gap between ICESat and ICESat-2 missions

  • New measurements critical to ice sheet models: bed topography, grounding line position, ice and snow thickness
  • Major results from more than 450 publications: First maps of snow thickness over Arctic sea ice; fundamental redraw of Antarctic bedmap; new insights into dynamic processes of the major ice sheets, discovery of mega-canyon in Greenland; discovery of widespread perennial aquifer in Greenland ice sheet; revelation of the destabilization of glaciers in Antarctica and Greenland; contribution of Alaskan glaciers to sea level rise
  • Science flights with multiple platforms (P-3B, DC-8, B200, HU-25, Basler BT-67, Single Otter, GV, C-130); more than 20 instruments


Nathan Kurtz

Published in:

NASA Technical Report, Overview of the NASA Operation IceBridge (OIB) mission campaign for 2018


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