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MethaneAIR: A High-Resolution Infrared Imaging Spectrometer for Airborne Measurements of CH4 and CO2

Measures total-column dry air mole fraction of CH4 and CO2 over a 23.7° swath at high spatial resolution

  • Precursor to MethaneSAT, which will revolutionize measurements and modeling of CH4 emissions across the globe
  • Observations facilitate advances in spectroscopy and retrievals needed for precise emissions measurements from MethaneSAT
  • By itself represents a major advance in the state of the art of airborne remote sensing of CH4 and CO2


Jenna Samra, Jonathan E. Franklin, Bruce Daube, Peter Cheimets, Scott Milligan, Martin H. Ettenberg, Josh Benmergui, Kelly Chance, Apisada Chulakadabba, Eamon Conway, Xiong Liu, Christopher Miller, Amir H. Souri, Kang Sun, Steven Wofsy

Published in:

IWGGMS 17, Presentation at the International Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Measurements from Space


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