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Hyperspectral Imaging Applications in Animal and Dairy Sector

Hyperspectral imaging (HSI), also known as imaging spectroscopy or 3D spectroscopy, combines imaging and spectroscopy into a single system. With a high resolution measurement of spectral signatures, HSI is able to provide critical information of the target. Thus it is useful for various scientific and industrial applications, including food safety and disease diagnosis. Due to constantly increasing demands for safe animal products, there is pressure on the processing sector for applications of advanced, high throughput methods for non-destructive quality analysis of animal products.

In this context, HSI finds its applications for grading, classification, quality & composition analysis of animal products including meat, egg, milk etc. Further, the technique is also a useful tool in poultry sector for assessment of wholesomeness and quality control of chicken carcasses, as well as, chicken meat products. In fish industry also, the technique has established its potential for determining freshness and quality attributes of sea-foods. Apart from quality control of animal products, HSI has also demonstrated its usefulness for disease diagnosis in animal models and for detection of mammary cancers in dogs.

Thus, the future of HSI technology in animal industry is promising and associated with multivariate analysis, HSI technique will further dominate in animal products authentication and analysis in the future also.


Abhinav Kumar, Sonal Saxena2, Sameer Shrivastava, Vandana Bharti, Upendra Kumar, Kuldeep Dhama

Published in:

Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences, June – 2016; Volume – 4(IV)


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