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Non-Contact Blueberry Brix Prediction – Webinar

View a recording of Headwall's webinar on real-time, non-contact Brix prediction in blueberries with hyperspectral imaging using a Headwall scanning kit with MV-Series sensor systems and perClass Mira Software to enable growers to assign value based on fast, accurate grading.
MV.C NIR Blueberries and perClass Mira Scanning Stage

Headwall hosted a webinar on Thursday, November 2nd at on non-contact prediction of Brix in blueberries using the MV.C NIR Hyperspectral Sensor with the perClass Mira Scanning Stage.

Register to see a recording of the webinar.

Note: During the live webinar, there was an issue triggering a pre-recorded demo showing the actual process for taking data, obtaining ground truth measurements of Brix, and analyzing the data. This has been addressed in the recording where we have inserted the video footage into its proper place.

Using the MV.C NIR Hyperspectral Sensor and perClass Mira Stage for Brix prediction in blueberries

Traditionally, blueberries are inspected manually, looking for defects, unripe berries, or bruising. The sweetness of the berries is oftentimes measured via destructive methods.

With Headwall’s hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology, blueberries can be inspected based on their condition, and their Brix measurement can be predicted. This allows for a non-destructive, rapid measurement of large quantities of berries, with results in real time. Hyperspectral imaging allows growers to assign value based on rapid, accurate grading.

Will Rock, Ph.D, Product Manager, Machine Vision; and George Killian, Applications Scientist at Headwall, show how Brix in blueberries can be predicted using the MV.C NIR Hyperspectral Sensor and perClass Mira Stage. There was a live introduction and application presentation, pre-recorded hyperspectral-scanning demo, and live Q&A.

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