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Cayenne and Oregano

An RGB image of a mixture of herbs and spices alongside a hyperspectral false-color scan of the same pile.

Spectral classification via the perClass Mira Software makes the task of assessing herb and spice quality less challenging by providing a clear indication of the presence of adulterants, and also provides a workflow of detecting unknown adulterants and additives.

Foreign Object Detection in Cheese

Foreign Object Detection in Cheese Thumbnail showing detected and classified plastic objects

When large blocks of cheese are unwrapped, cut, and repackaged, processors must inspect the cheese for any remaining debris. Clear or even tinted plastic is notoriously difficulty to spot by eye or conventional inspection methods. Recalls are costly and damaging to a brand’s reputation. Headwall’s MV.C NIR and perClass Mira Software provide a solution for detecting foreign objects in cheese manufacturing and packaging.

Surface Moisture Estimation of Bread: Rapid, Non-Contact Measurement

Hyperspectral scan of bread moisture content

A significant challenge for industrial production of baked goods is monitoring moisture content. This attribute is
a crucial measurement at all stages of production. Raw materials can contain water that can cause clumping or degradation of products during storage, lowering shelf-life and product value down.

Non-Contact Prediction of Blueberry Brix

Good and Bad Blueberry false-color overlay

Headwall’s hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology, blueberries can be inspected based on their condition, and their Brix value can be predicted, allowing for a non-destructive, rapid measurement of large quantities of berries, with results in real time.

Fish Inspection

By scanning product passing underneath, Headwall’s hyperspectral imaging systems can produce a histamine map for each fish fillet, and can calculate average values and send results to a plant control system for archiving or to alert an operator.

Oregano and Parsley

Herbs and spices are one of the worst offenders of food fraud. Their complex cross-border supply chains, high price per kilogram, and the fact that they are often sold in powder or particulate forms make them prime targets for adulteration, dilution, and substitution with cheaper materials.

Orange Processing

Sweetness, or the concentration of soluble solids is of particular importance to orange processors. Commonly reported in degrees Brix, it is a key quality factor in assessing the grade of the product delivered into the processing facility.

Meat and Poultry Inspection

Poultry Inspection

Headwall provides application-specific hyperspectral imaging (HSI) sensors and systems designed to be integrated into existing processing facilities. These sensors can be used for grading meat, poultry or fish based on characteristics that may not be detectable by the human eye or may not be measureable by conventional machine vision cameras.